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Easy, Peasy Loose Brew

It's the time to explore in the sun and what better way to start than with some top tips for loose brewing? Fancy making a cold brew or quick iced tea?... We’ve got you covered! Explore Loose Blends.

There is a lot of fancy tea equipment out there, but the truth is there are many alternatives that won’t break the bank! We are keen to take the fear away from loose tea and make it easier to enjoy!

Top Tips for Brewing Loose Tea:

  • Brew in a Cafetiere - many of you will have one of these in your homes and it works just as well with tea as with coffee! The best thing about this is the space it gives for the leaves to brew in. If you have ever used one of those novelty animal steepers that sit over your mug, you may notice how long it takes to get a decent brew - this is because the leaves are so tightly packed… your leafy friends need volume to expand and release all their flavour!

  • Glug in a jug! Easily brew your leaves in any jug, then strain them into a mug or cup. Many of you will have a sieve of some sort at home - use this to your advantage!

  • Iced Tea: Brew up your tea how you feel best, using 4 times the normal amount of tea. Brew for the same time and you’ve got a super concentrated blend! Pour over ice and you’re ready to refresh. Nutrients in our herbal and fruit-based teas are great for composting, so there’s no need for any waste either!

Loose Summer Blends You Love:

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