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Ceramic Art Special

Sunday 30th May 


Taste + Create! Online Artistic Tea Blending (+ Clay Art) Masterclass 

From £35.00 

Tea blending and art online workshop with A Little Cup Tea - making your own tea blend and drawing it too!

About this Event:

*NOTE - Bookings end on Tuesday 30th December at 10am to allow time for postage of kit*

This online artistic blending masterclass (held on zoom) will allow you to explore flavours and their influences on our bodies and minds, through creative responses such as movement, gesture and colour... All from the comfort of your own home!

We will look at a selection of 3 of my tea blends, their stories and benefits. Each blend has a different quality, be it uplifting and energising, soothing or spicy and warming. We will start with a tasting of each blend and learn about the ingredients. You will then use these as inspiration for a drawing exercise to get your creative juices flowing, thinking about how your bodies and minds respond to different flavours or ingredients. Then the real fun happens... You will finish by making your own tea blend with all your newfound artistic and tea mixing knowledge! And I encourage you to go as mad as you like!


You will be sent a workshop kit in the post-

What will you get:

-3 tea bags of 'A Little Cup' blends

-Herbal tea blending kit (including a selection of 17-18 dried ingredients in individual mini drawstring bags, a wooden teaspoon and a spare empty bag to make your blend up) - note: these bags are all fully biodegradable!

-Scroll of paper each to draw on

*Please make sure to have any extra paper you want and any drawing materials handy (pens, pencils, crayons, pastels - colours are advised, but regular pencil or writing pens will work too!) - these won't be sent out*

Note that booking will end 5 days before the date of the workshop to allow time for postage of the kit.

Keep up to date with us at @alittlecuptea on instagram and on our website:

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