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A Guide to our Blends

Here at A Little Cup Tea Co, creativity and community are very important to us. It is our mission to produce the very finest hand-blended teas and fruit infusions for you to enjoy. Read below to see what we're all about or explore our bestselling blends here.


Natural, hand-blended tea and fruit infusions.

All of the ingredients we use at A Little Cup Tea Co are natural. We also try to use as much of the whole dried fruit and herbs as possible, not only for taste but for appearance too. 

We use natural flavouring which is a concentrated flavour oil that gives the blends extra body. Some of our fruit blends contain natural fruit oils as well as dried fruit to add extra depth of flavour. These flavourings are often carried by the base ingredients, such as hibiscus, apple and rosehip.

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Caffeine vs No Caffeine

Most of our blends are caffeine free. The exceptions are Lemon Grey and Yes Mate! Our Lemon Grey blend is the strongest in caffeine as it contains a black tea base. This is still generally less caffeine than a cup of coffee. 


Our Yes Mate! Contains Yerba Mate tea which is also caffeinated. Mate tea releases its caffeine slowly, so you don’t get a sudden rush, but it sustains your energy for a longer time.


Fair Trade and Organic Certifacations

We are not able to certify our blends as organic or fair trade due to the number of ingredients they contain. Although fair trade and organic certifications are appealing, they are difficult to obtain. Our supplier supports farmers around the world, many of which are smaller businesses that cannot afford the certification, despite having very moral and sustainable practices. 

We have, however, decided to go down a more sustainable route with the ingredients we select, so we can assure high-quality ingredients that are sourced thoughtfully.

Fancy a treat? Explore our blends here.

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Our Packaging Promise

All of our packaging is recyclable and 100% plastic free - in fact, most of it is biodegradable too. For our larger orders we may use tape, which is made of recyclable kraft paper. Even our gift items, ie. badges are plastic free and made of paper-based materials.

Most of our packaging is biodegradable - the stand up pouches, plastic-feel wallets, postal bags and stickers. Even the ink for our date stamps is plant based so will degrade with the packaging and any sellotape we use is biodegradable, plastic-free.

If you receive cardboard boxes for larger orders, these are recyclable, as well as our flyers.

Our tea bags are made of plant-based materials and are fully biodegradable. The seal on the bag is created with high-frequency waves to bind the edges together so there is no glue involved.

Ready to order? Explore our blends here.

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