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About Us

I started making teas and offering them out when I was studying art at university. During this time I found myself feeling very lonely, and I found that inviting people to have a cup of tea with me was a great way to meet new faces.


I saw how this environment encouraged collaboration and feelings of support, safety and kindness. Tea saved me during a very difficult period, through its positive effects on conversation, community and creativity. I was inspired by this simple offering, and I want to share what tea has given me with you!

Let's build a bigger community of Creativi -tea, A Little Cup at a time!

Hello! I’m George, an artist and creative tea blender, and this is A Little Cup!

About the Teas

I have made it my mission to produce a selection of blends that put people, well-being and creativity at its heart. These teas are hand-blended with ingredients which are both uplifting and energising (without the need for lots of caffeine) and others that soothe and calm. My hope is that we can start to build a bigger community of Creativi-tea, A Little Cup at a time!

Close and Personal_0001_IMG_1748.jpg

Our Workshops

Blending isn’t the end of the story! I am running workshops that merge tea blending and art. These sessions will aim to bring people together through the joy of imagination, a little cup at a time! Join me, won’t you!? 

Bestselling Blends

I’ll finish by paraphrasing a Roald Dahl quote which hugely inspired me (and the title!)

- “A little nonsense now and then is relished by our wisest friends”. Allow yourself a little cup and a little nonsense every day!

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