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September New Beginnings!

New Beginnings

September is a great time in the year for new beginnings. Especially for younger people, the arrival of September signifies the start of a new year - academically speaking, this is the start of new perspectives, new learning, new challenges and new faces. It is a pillar for growth and maturity and the beginning of higher development. Sure, New Year is an obvious choice for a fresh start, but from a young age we are trained to acknowledge September as a significant point for change. We love to encourage fresh thoughts, imagination and growth… and who has better imaginations than young people!

Do you remember that itching feeling to get back to school after a long break? And the feeling that the summer has gone on forever? It is time for a change!

Where to start?

You should know by now that we love a good cuppa to get us going in the morning! And there is one tea in particular that is excellent to help with work… Yerba mate is sometimes referred to as study tea because of how it releases its caffeine - or, in fact, mateine. The compound is slightly different because mate is a different plant base than most teas (camellia sinensis). Mateine is released slower than the caffeine we are used to, so is great at sustaining energy. It also focuses its affects more to the mind, so supports sustained focus.

Our Yes Mate! Is an excellent combination of yerba mate tea with zingy lemon and soothing ginger to keep you relaxed in your focus. It also contains liquorice root that is naturally very sweet (and not very aniseed-y, like the liquorice you might be used to), to give that extra boost of energy! How about that for a new beginning!

New Preparations

Those who have had a good summer break will likely feel rested and ready for new challenges. Even more so for those who have had the opportunity to travel. Especially this year, we have seen a significant recovery in travel as we continue to come out of the Covid challenges after 2020’s record low. This year alone, the number of passengers scheduled to fly has reached that of 2014, and is only likely to increase by the end of the year - not too bad for post-pandemic activity.

But for many, the summer break will have been a challenge in itself. Not only will people have been affected by travel delays and cancellations (despite the annual increase), but will also have struggled with childcare and continuing work, rising costs, food difficulties and political uncertainty. For those, this time of year welcomes a much anticipated new beginning… and a much needed fresh burst of energy.

How do you prepare for your day?

We know it can sometimes be tricky to feel incentivised to take on a new day, let alone a whole new challenge! And it is not a failure to rely on a little caffeine if it does the job!

At A Little Cup we go straight for Lemon Grey. It has the caffeine from the black tea, with the soothing notes of rosemary and lemon thyme to help ease you into a new day. You may not know this, but earl grey teas get their flavour from bergamot. It is a delightful fruit, something in between a lemon and a bitter orange. But unlike its close friends, bergamot is often too sharp to eat raw, which is why it works nicely in tea - it packs a well needed punch and pairs well with bold black tea.

But for those of you who are strictly off the caffeine, we have a fruity equivalent! Our Zing It Back! was designed to give all the essence of a zingy earl grey with a non-caffeine bonus. With lemon herbs, yuzu and lemon pieces, our Zing It Back! fruit infusion provides all the natural punch you need.

How you start your day can really inform how it continues - so start your day right and feel prepared for what is to come!

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