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Cold Brew Strawberry Fields

Prep Time:

1 minute

Cook Time:

8-12 Hours (Overnight Works Best)


3 Servings



Summer Fruits Cold Brew Tea


  • 8 teaspoons Strawberry Fields loose tea (or 6 tea bags)

  • Large bottle or jar

  • 700 ml soda water, lemonade or Prosecco (if desired)

  • Lemon wedges and strawberries for garnish



Step 1

Add Strawberry Fields loose tea or

tea bags into a bottle or jar

Step 2

Pour in your desired liquid (Prosecco makes for a fun cocktail!)

Step 3

Add in lemon wedges and strawberries for added colour and flavour

Step 4

Put on lid and leave in the fridge for around 8 hours - this works best overnight so it is ready to drink by morning!

Step 5

Strain and pour into a glass

Step 6

Top with a strawberry and lemon wedge for garnish

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