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Iced Desert Island

Prep Time:

5 Minutes

Cook Time:

2 Minutes


1 Serving



Spice Power Drink


  • 100ml Desert Island tea concentrate*

  • 25ml Desert Island simple syrup** (optional)

  • Ice + apple pieces for garnish

  • Soda water or lemonade


*For the concentrated tea:

-Brew 8 teaspoons Desert Island tea in 800ml water for 3-4 mins, strain and leave to cool

**For the simple syrup:

-Take 150ml of the concentrated tea and heat in a pan with 150g sugar until sugar is dissolved. Pour into a

jar/bottle and leave to cool


Step 1

Add crushed ice into shaker

Step 2

Pour on our concentrated tea, simple syrup + shake!

Step 3

Strain + pour into glass

Step 4

Top with soda or lemonade (or water if you prefer)

Step 5

Finish with some apple pieces for garnish

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