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Build Your Own Selection Box

Build Your Own Selection Box


Let your creativity run wild with our build-your-own selection box - each blend pouch will contain 6 tea bags to let you sample some new tea delights!

Pick from a box of 4, 5 or 6 blends (£12, £15 or £18) and fill in the custom information below to tell us which blends you choose - see our list below to select from:


Al-BREW-Ny - This blend will have you feeling "hot, hot, hot" with its fiery mix of mango, pineapple, chilli and ginger!

Breakfast Brew - Good Morning Blend. This classic breakfast blend will give you the perfect wake-up call with its mix of Indian Assam, Kenyan and Sri Lankan black teas

Coco Chilli Mint - This warming rooibos blend will knock your socks off with its mint and chilli kick!

Daydream Believer - The perfect cocktail of peppermint, juniper and chamomile for a relaxing afternoon

Desert Island - Let this herbal spice blend bring you back to life with its mix of cloves, gotu kola and cinnamon

Easy Feeler - With hints of linden, orange, lavender and cardamom, our favourite floral chamomile blend is guaranteed to soothe

Forest Breeze - Find that cooling, cleansing sensation with this berry, eucalyptus and aniseed blend

Lemon Grey - We couldn’t resist a twist on a Earl Grey classic, with added lemon thyme and rosemary for a more aromatic, floral feel

Strawberry Fields - A sweet, fruity fusion of strawberry, lemon and sunflowers - perfect for those bright summer days!

Yes Mate! - With a subtle blend of ginger, lemon and liquorice, you’ll keep focused with our Yerba Mate pick!

Zing It Back! - This zesty blend of lemon verbena, yuzu and lemon myrtle is the ideal refresher, both hot and iced.

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